Arakan failed

To want to fail is not against the order, as none fails out of some terms, and terms are part of the order.

When in the fortress of the military is said at your commands! the order that is given to fulfil is the first sign of a severe imposition.

Analyse, analyse inside yourself. The idea of failing perturbs us and what we want is that that we give out to become our own painkiller. The unease we feel towards others comes from realizing about our mistakes.

But the best way to learn not to make more mistakes, is precisely making mistakes.

And to progrees in this world there is nothing better than other people commiting mistakes.

However, in this strange world there isn´t any life worth living just for the sake of living.

Though, to prove that we are right involves accepting that we can also fail.

And to fail and still give ur inner selfs commands of confidence make us humans

Given that the only way to fail is not to make suffer oneself but others.

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